Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sex Ratios at Birth for Selected Caucasian Populations and Else

Material for SR discussion at demography matters
I post it here since LJ does not work with Java charts
Urban Populations:

Rural populations:

Mostly SR near normal, except for Koryak and Ingush rural populations, and urban: Tyva and Koryak. These populations are small.
Have a look at data source, pix look nicer at googledox


  1. Boris,
    this looks great!

    But annual variations (that are mostly caused by the small number of births) make trends (if any) almost invisible.

    Would you be able to show the absolute numbers of births by sex or club together data by five-year periods?

  2. There is a link to data source, which is a table of numbers of live births (f/m) by residence 1990-2009 for Caucasian autonomias + some other autonomias for comparison.
    The link leads to a google doc.

  3. Hi Boris,
    Sorry, I hadn't noticed the link. I have now downloaded the data, thanks!

    And there is not much in terms of detectable SRB irregularities. Except maybe in Kalmykia, where there seems to have been a rise over the last 15 years. Same for N Ossetia.

    But then, the number of births is often rather low or SRB values erratic, which would suggest that there may be a problem related to data quality. Low SRB estimates in some areas are indeed quite suspicious. We have to be careful with these statistics.

    Anyway, thanks again for the data!

    CZ Guilmoto

  4. Dear Christophe,
    is it your page?
    in this case Christophe ;)
    it is my pleasure you found the pix and data useful

    I guess, any data are always suspicious, especially, in case which launch this discussion at Randy's demographymatters


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