Wednesday, June 1, 2011

International Beloborodov

This is the opinion a number of Russian demographers conservative orientation and their foreign supporters, who spoke at an international TV bridge on Thursday evening. World long struggled with overcrowding and accidentally did not notice that humanity was on the brink of survival, "- said the director of the Institute for Demographic Research, Igor Beloborodov. Demographer, pointed out that the birth rate in the world average over the past 40 years has fallen from 4.7 children per woman to 2.5. Currently, said Beloborodov, only 39 countries out of more than 200, remains the natural increase of population, with a tendency everywhere is declining. For example, China and North Africa for 40 years, fertility has fallen by 4 times in India – twice. In modern Iran, fertility is lower than in France, Algeria and Tunisia – a major downturn. Demographer also reminded that Russia for the post-Soviet years has lost 13% of the population. Igor Beloborodov expressed doubt that modern humanity is really facing starvation from overpopulation. He noted that even in Africa, which has the reputation of the hungry and needy of the continent, almost half the population is found to be overweight. On other continents, obesity is felt even stronger. According to TV bridge from London representative of the Society for Protection of unborn children, Anthony Ozimik noted that the UK birth rate hovers around 1.88 children per woman, and, in recent years it has grown at the expense of Muslim immigrants. Among the indigenous Britons and Scots birth rate does not exceed one and a half children per woman. Among the causes of fertility decline in England, Ozimik highlighted the high cost of housing in London and major cities.


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