Monday, July 25, 2011

New opposition practice in Poland.

After new anti-choicers initiative on bill on abortion ban in Poland, I've became the subject of the new ideas invented by the anti-choicers in Poland.

Today I was invited to the police station in Warsaw to testify about the activities of TRR (Polish Family Planning Association) related to abortion. Somebody made the accusation that TRR is providing the information about abortion to women and by that it make easier access to illegal abortion. After my explanation about the TRR activities Policeman said that the case wouldn't be extended because of lack of evidence of crime.

I'm afraid that opposition start to use the police as the tool to intimidate pro-choicers. However there wouldn't be any further steps, but I had to spend two hours on the police station what isn't particularly nice experience.

Piotr Kalbarczyk
Executive Director
Polish Family Planning Association

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