Sunday, July 17, 2011

President of Russia and woman vs zygote

It is ЛВЕ coment to a post in RDLJ:

It is so unfortunate that the Russian female population is absolutely unaware that the clerical group of higher-ups in the Government and Duma are dreaming to control their bodies and diminish their Rights for Choice. Some do not consider the proposed measures will set additional barriers and those partial restrictions of the women’s right for reproductive autonomy serious, some - do not understand that religion is entering too far into people’s intimate sphere.

The President’s signature on the Law Amendment restricting abortion services advertisements is the first real step from the Government in the whole public discussion about the women’s right for choice vs zygote right for life. The Russian President who is a real professional in law did not see any conflict here. May be, he is not well informed that the Russian Federation has ratified all the International Treaties, like Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women as well as the ICPD Conference` Platform of Action thus the Government is ought to provide not only comprehensive reproductive health services, but proper information and means for the target population to fulfill their rights for parenthood as well as reproductive freedom.

Hopefully by the end of his presidency in the absence of “abortion advertisement” he will not receive letters from the parents of teenager girls who have had followed smb`s advise and are dead now due to clandestine abortions.

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