Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ban abortion in Poland should be voted on this coming Wednesday

On Monday, August 29th, IPPF Polish Member Asscociation, Towarzystwo Rozwoju Rodziny (TRR) was informed that the civil bill to ban abortion in Poland should be voted on this coming Wednesday. As we heard from the representatives of the Parliamentary Commission on Health, it is most likely that the bill will be rejected.

We would also like to remind that the bill was submitted to the Parliamentary Commission on Health and the Parliamentary Commission on Family and that they have both rejected the proposal. TRR has actively advocated parliamentarians who are members of both Commissions. TRR has also received the support from international organizations i.e. IPPF European Network, Catholics for Free Choice, etc. in their lobbying work against the new bill. TRR cooperated particularly closely with IPPF Danish Member Association, Sex & Samfund who has worked together with its fellow parliamentarian group to raise awareness within the Danish government and the media on its EU Trio Presidency Partner. TRR finally issued letters to the relevant Parliamentarians and to the Polish Chamber of Medical Doctors – which was consulted by the Parliament on the bill. The Chamber too expressed a negative opinion on the bill. [some Russians also wrote to D Tusk ;)]

TRR hopes that all combined efforts will result in the rejection of the bill by the Polish Parliament.

Best regards
Piotr Kalbarczyk,
Executive Director, TRR

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