Wednesday, November 2, 2011

don't cry for me Argentina

As Legislators Consider Changes to the Abortion Law, New Poll Proves Argentineans Support Access to Abortion and Reject the Influence of Catholic Bishops

As a parliamentary committee in Argentina prepares to discuss liberalizing the abortion law at a hearing on November 1, a new poll released today reveals that most Argentineans are in favor of the components of legislative attempts to reform the abortion law. Currently, while abortion is legal in a few circumstances, it is largely unobtainable for most women. Over 80 percent support a woman’s right to access abortion care when her health is at risk and/or when the pregnancy is a result of rape. Almost 70 percent of those polled were in favor of abortion being available when the fetus has severe abnormalities. One of the most striking disparities revealed by the survey was that, while abortion may currently be almost completely unobtainable in Argentina, a third of Argentineans know someone who has had an abortion (34 percent).

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