Sunday, November 13, 2011

Top British hospital "tricked" into giving Italian woman abortion

In a troubling offshoot of medical tourism, an Italian woman flew to Britain to terminate her 28-week-old pregnancy and then flew home to Rimini in north-eastern Italy to expel the dead foetus. She wanted to do this at home for emotional reasons. The unborn child had a non-fatal brain abnormality but abortion is illegal in Italy (really???). She then claimed that she had a miscarriage at 22 weeks.

The case emerged when managers at the Italian hospital discovered that the woman's gynaecologist, Dr Vincenzo Trengia, had falsified the paperwork. Trengia was fired and was charged with breaching Italy's abortion laws. However he was cleared of wrongdoing because he had acted to help the woman.

According to leading obstetricians two-country abortions are "irresponsible" and "extraordinary". The London hospital, Kings College hospital, said in a statement:
"Where cases arise at King's in which a woman from overseas chooses to return to her own country for stage two of the termination of pregnancy, her right to choose is supported. This practice is safe and poses no risk to the woman. We take steps to ensure their care is managed when they return home. We comply at all times with the Abortion Act, as well as the guidelines for termination of pregnancy set out by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. This applies to all patients, whether they are from the UK or overseas."

During the court hearing in Italy, the judge was told it was likely that Trengia had referred other women to England to bypass the abortion laws. According to the UK Department of Health there are 25 abortions a year after 24 weeks which are recorded as foeticide without surgical or medical removal of the dead foetus. It is possible that these women also returned to their home country to complete the procedure.

~ The Sunday Times, Oct 9 (looking for an adequate link)
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