Friday, December 2, 2011

WCF in Madrid

The World Congress of Families has announced that its next conference will take place next May 25-27 in Madrid.

It’s early days yet, and the website is riddled with typos and errors. They expect 2,500 attendees, but have only booked 200 hotel rooms, so perhaps they will all be from these large families that the conference hopes to promote.

The meetings have been less relevant in recent years. They had to bus people into the event in Poland (2007), and Austin Ruse was aghast about the low numbers attending the event in Amsterdam (2009), tweeting, “What's going on? Where is everybody?”

The program has been posted, but no speakers have been announced as yet. We will keep an eye on it and post any relevant updates.

info from David J. Nolan
Director of Communications
1436 U Street NW, Suite 301  WashingtonDC 20009
tel 202-986-6093  fax 202-332-7995
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