Friday, January 27, 2012

Ten Percent of Babies Born to Foreign Mothers

Every tenth baby born in Finland is now born to a mother born elsewhere, according to recently published statistics.
Anna Rotkirch, research director at the Population Research Institute, found that first generation immigrants from third world countries tend to have a similar number of children to the relatively high numbers they have in their home country. She argues that this substantially explains the figures.
‘Thus, we have many big Somali families.’ Second generation Somalis tend to have a similar number of children to native Finns, she claimed.
Immigration in itself, she argued, does not explain the change because many immigrant mothers are from Russia, where the birth rate is lower than Finland’s.
The baby boom has come as a surprise to demographers. Ten years ago, Statistics Finland predicted that the country’s population of 5 million would have fallen by 400,000 by 2050. However, newer research now predicts that it will have risen by 600,000 by that time.

with interesting coment on Russia

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