Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Penis Size Worries

the take home message is:

  • - Penis size worries are common, can be distressing, and may impact on men’s abilities to enjoy positive relationships.
  • - Men generally underestimate their own size while overestimating other men’s penis sizes.
  • - Studies of penis size vary in their methodological approaches and calculations of ‘average’ sizes. They are also biased by the kind of participants who volunteer to be measured.
  • - A range of factors contributes to men’s penis worries. Including mainstream media, a lack of sex education, porn, medicalization of men’s sexual functioning, quack sex products and few safe spaces to ask for unbiased advice.
  • - Herbal products, penis enlargement surgery, creams and lotions are not proven to make any difference to penis size.
  • - There is some, limited, evidence that stretching of the penis can make a moderate difference to penis size/shape.
  • - Believing you have a bigger than average penis can make you feel more confident as a lover, but may not mean you are sexually more competent
  • - Penises are only one body part that can be used to turn a partner on – oral sex and masturbation with a finger or sex toy can be equally or more pleasurable.
  • - Penis worries can lead to psychosexual dysfunction, relationship breakdown and anxieties in other areas of men’s lives.
  • - Learning basic information about penis size can be reassuring for men and reduce anxieties about their genitals and sex.
  • - In the UK your GP can refer you to a urologist if you are worried about penis size/performance. Or a psychosexual therapist. Both are available on the NHS.
More penis size FAQs and recommended reading can be found here.
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