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what methods are patented in Russia for drug treatment

Anya Sarang wrote at her FB page:

Couldnt resist sharing. We're now preparing a complaint to UNESCO on inhibiting access to scientific information on drug treatment in Russia. I know noone will read it so i want to share the hits. Heres a little illustration on what methods are patented in Russia for drug treatment:

8.1.2 A recent content analysis provided an account of methods patented in Russia for drug treatment . A database of the Russian Federal Institute of Industrial Property from the year 1925 to 2011 was analysed, including 429 patents related to addiction treatment. Out of 34 methods of Opioid dependence treatment 18 were found to be life threatening. Majority of patents were authored by academicians of the National Scientific Center of Narcology of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russian Federation – the national leading research institution in the field of addictions and treatment . The content analysis of the patented methods revealed that while “the titles of the [Russian] national scientific journals in general correspond to the content of international [scientific] journals… significant part of intervention is queer, overwhelming part of them is not well-founded or very few trials are described. This is true both for private addiction treatments, and state institutions” . Professor E.Krupitsky called the Russian methods of drug treatment a “science decorated shamanism” . Examples of officially patented methods include:

Patent No 2110288 – A general and individual prayer is performed during the procedure. During the prayer the healer is performing slow movements of hand above the vessel and the patients.

Patent No 2162349 – Inside the video row, in 25th cadre, there is a printed word information which may have the following content: 1 year ban on alcohol; 2 years ban on alcohol; 3 shots on holyday; ban on heroin; ban on pervitin; ban on marijuana; ban on tobacco etc.

Patent No 1279641 – Patient should feel the stroke of lightning into the head which is achieved by consecutive exposure of the patients brain to sinusoidal electrical currents with a frequency 5000 hertz in 0.5-1 second.

Patent No 2152774 – Electrodes shall be inserted into both ears for influencing the auricle with the electric current.

Patent No 2034576 –A doctor fixes the patients attention with a gesture or verbal order, then suddenly, by abrupt movement of hands, dissolves the attention and irritates one of the brunch of trigeminus by energetic mechanical thumbs pressure in the sphere of the trigeminus’s exit, and pronounces at the fastest possible tempo the formula of the “pledge” with indication of the time frames of the pledge.

Patent No 2055602 – An electric current provoking unilateral convulsive fit, is used to produce stress. After emptying the bowels and bladder the patient clutches a rubber cylinder in his teeth; the temples and the expected spot for the second electrode is wiped with the solution of spirit; the electrodes shall be placed by unilateral electroconvulsive therapy with stimulation of the dominating cerebral hemisphere.

Patent No 2177337 – The doctor-healer in a consecutive way put fingers on the area of nay-hu, tsin-tzyan and how-din, and then joints the fingers together at the area of hoy-din and offer to the patient to imagine the God’s Temple and enter it mentally, pronounce a prayer and swear not to take alcohol and not to smoke. The doctor then removes fingers from the area hoy-din and informs the patient that from this moment on, the patient would lead a healthy life style.

Patent No 2181593 – The charm against drunkenness or drug dependence shall be pronounced; charms are performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays for men, and Wednesday and Friday for women. The mixture for body detoxification shall be used based on the water solution of chlorine sodium and ascorbic acid, vitamin B6, diphenhydramine hydrochloride, aminophylline, corglicon, relanium, furosemide, nootropil, and magnesium sulphate. The prayers shall be pronounced above the mixture: “Lord’s Prayer” (7 times) and “The Prayer to the Saint Vonifatii the Graceful”.

Patent No 2195199 – Available points for administering drugs shall be blocked by turning the surface veins of upper and lower limbs into sclerotic condition. The negative conditioned reflex on drugs intake shall be created by way of intravenous injection of adrenalin up to condition of nausea and headache. The patient should read aloud the text; his hearing analysers shall be influenced by sound waves through the headphones. The patients body shall be influenced in a complex way by the acoustic field with a power from 2 to 7 watt. The vision analyser shall be influenced with the light emanation of red, yellow and green color with the share of green color to be not less than 40%. The patient’s piles shall be influenced with electromagnetic emanation with a power of 0.2 watt. The points of acupuncture shall be influenced with the light impulses of helium-neon laser or alternating current with the magnitude not more than 0.6 ampere.

Patent No 2112471 – General heating of the body is used in medicine by way of artificial increasing of the body’s temperature up to 43.0 degree Celsius. The gist of the invention: the patient shall be brought into narcosis and the heating shall be carried out with help of water at temperature from 44 to 46 degrees Celsius.

Patent No 2129866 – This method includes injection of atropine. The method is distinct from other methods as atropine is injected in dosage leading to the condition of coma, in which the patient shall remain for 4 hours. After this the patient shall be brought out of coma. The procedure shall be undertaken not less than 10 or 12 times, with every day coma during the first days of treatment and every second day coma later.

Patent No 2222313 –The psychotherapeutic influence and acupuncture at corporal and auricular points. In addition the chakra Vishudkha shall be sedated, the chakra Manipur and Svadkhistan shall be toped up with HF waves. Chakra Vishudkha and Svadkhisnana at palm and the back of the hand shall be influenced by way of acupuncture.

Patent No 2227031 –Atropine-comatose therapy alternates with electroconvulsive therapy. On the day of atropine-comatose therapy the patient is given 5 mg of haloperidol, 2 mg of sodium oxybutyrate, 25 mg of tisercin. Eserin ointment shall be introduced into the eyes conjunctival sacs. After 30 minutes the patient shall be injected with 50-75 mg of 1% solution of atropine sulphate. After 3-5 hours of comatose condition the patient shall be given 15-30 mg of physostigmine, 6 g of pyracetam, 7.5 g of magnesium sulphate, 400 ml of sodium hypochlorite, and the patient shall be slowly driven out of coma. At every subsequent session of atropine-comatose therapy the atropine sulphate dosage shall be increased by 10 mg and up to 70-150 mg or 90-170 mg. On the day of electro-convulsive therapy the patient shall be injected intravenously with 1 ml of 0.1% solution of atropine sulphate and 2 ml of cordiamine. The initial narcosis shall be performed by way of injection intravenously of 200-300 ml of thiopental sodium or 100 mg ketamine and simultaneously 3-4 ml of 2% dithylinum. After this the electro-convulsive therapy shall be performed followed with artificial pulmonary ventilation.

Patent No 2258508 - The comatose therapy shall be alternated with the electro-convulsive therapy every second day.

Patent No 2153882 - Patients with alcohol dependence receive the xeno-implant of donor fetal brain tissue with the use of cloth of bluish spots laboratory mammal in the amount of 15-25 mg. Transplantation is carried out under the patient skin distant in 6.5 intercostal space. The method reduces the expression of undesirable side effects of treatment and abstinence.

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