Saturday, August 27, 2011

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A dying nation: Russia’s abortion crisis

I can not comment on emotional stuff, but a few figures about this message:

In the last 20 years, an estimated 80 million unborn Russian children are believed to have been aborted.

“Russia is facing a very serious demographic problem. We’re losing almost three quarters of a million people every year,” said Alexey Komov, chairman of the Moscow Demographic Summit.

Currently, Russia has a birth rate per woman of 1.2, according to Komov, whereas the replacement rate for any population is at least 2.1. Similar numbers are found in China, Japan, and Eastern European countries. According to 2010 data by the CIA World Factbook, the United States has just slipped below replacement rate at 2.06 children born per woman.
  • Total number of abortions in 1991-2010 is about 44 mln, that's a lot. Why multiply? (warning >> important update: not all reported abortions are induced, a number of miscarriages is about 1/10th of total)
  • 3/4 mln a year -- average decline for the period 1990-2009 is 287,529, with range from +608,665 (1990) to -720,668 (2005), i.e., about 3/4 mln drop occured in the only single year.
  • Average total fertility rate 1990-2009 was about 1.4, ranging from 1.9 (1990) to 1.2 (1999) and about (rounding to the first digit) 1.2 in a period 1997-2001
Btw, the US do not have any pronatalist policy having the highest fertility

Data are somewhat filtered to generate bias.

Most important is the simple fact: the situation is really unpleasant, fertility is low, and mortality (not shown) is high, but antichoice measures will definitely lead to its worsening. E.g., when imposing abortion ban Poland had the same fertility as Russia, now Russian fertility is higher.

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