Friday, February 22, 2013

if Latvia does not leap in births

demographer Ilmars Mezs
in the next three to five years. 

After these years there will be a new “demographic abyss” of new people; the number of fertile women in Latvia will drop dramatically and it will only be possible to prevent the extinction of Latvian people with birth rate level of Africa – something impossible to imagine for Latvia, Mezs said in an interview to LNT.
Mezs believes there are several solutions to this situation: increasing tax-free allowance for children, but not by some 10 LVL – by half. Also, the state could guarantee new families mortgage loans. The kindergarten issue is still unresolved as well.

When commenting the Economy Ministry’s re-immigration plan, Mezs admitted that it is good for such a plan to appear. Still, he believes it is not worth expecting an enormous flow of Latvians back to the country.

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at the same time some nations are growing with below replacement TFR

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