Sunday, February 24, 2013

Putin wishes longer life for Russians

I have found it on a Baltic site, they refer to an American news paper:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree ordering his government to boost Russian life expectancy to 74 years by 2018.
To do that, Russia’s lower house of parliament has already passed a bill forbidding smoking in public places.
Also, a law that went into effect on January 1 also describes beer as an alcoholic beverage instead of a food, prohibiting its sale in ubiquitous street-corner kiosks.
Last year, Russian life expectancy totalled 66.5 years – 60.1 for men and 73.2 for women — compared with 78.5 years in the United States and 79.8 in the European Union.
In 2012, 2,500 more people died than were born, and the infant mortality rate rose to 8.7 deaths per 1,000 births from 7.1 in 2011.
60 percent of men are believed to be smoking, which results in about 400,000 Russians dying from tobacco-related diseases every year. Also, each citizen consumes on average more than 15 liters of pure alcohol a year, resulting in about 300,000 deaths from causes linked to alcohol.
Besides, half the population is overweight, reports The Washington Post.
Ref: << this is really interesting
How it looked like recently:
There are two couples of lines. The major differential is sexual: upper couple of red (urban) and green (rural) depicts female population, bottom -- males, urban-blue , rural-yellow. Males is roughly about 1/2 of total population, and very unlikely the will be able to gain about ten years or more in remaining five years despite possible uneasy access to smoking and drinking. According to an American author this will lead to elimination of stress, better lifestyles, fertiler jobs, lenghtier education, and prosperity.
Do you think people supposing it were sober?

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